Compassionate Assisted Living at Champine Manor

Senior Care

Let your loved one stay in a family style living environment while enjoying basic assistance for everyday needs. Get compassionate senior care from Champine Manor.

Surround Area

Champine Manor is located on a high point and features 360-degree, panoramic views with well maintained landscaping and outdoor patio areas. All private rooms have their own vista.

The home is situated in a quiet residential neighborhood with a beautiful country setting, close to shopping centers, restaurants, other services, and facilites.

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Make your loved ones feel at home when you let them stay at Champine Manor in Escondido, California. Champine Manor’s well-trained staff provides around-the-clock senior care, with years of experience in helping seniors take baths, cook nutritious meals, and engage in social activities. You can rest easy knowing that your loved one’s day-to-day needs are taken care of. Receive warm and nurturing treatment at Champine Manor’s beautiful and cozy elderly care facility.

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